Friday, February 10, 2006

Tenuta - Headed to Michigan????

There are rumors circulating that he might become Michigan's next DC. Hard to believe personally, but here are the links from Kevin, one of our readers:

Hey Scott, thought you might want to have a look at some of these rumors going on about Tenuta. mgoblog speculated (emphasis on speculated) about Tenuta becoming the DC at Michigan (everyone wants Herrmann outta there). Then, everydayshouldbesaturday ran a little piece on it, citing mgoblog. mgoblog returned fire stressing that this was all just rumor-mill stuff. Nonetheless, it is interesting/funny to hear what they have to say about Tenuta and the GT football program.

Here is the original mgoblog post:
Here is the EDSBS post:
And the second mgoblog post:

The funny part is, all of this happened today...and it all may mean nothing today, because now there are rumors that Ron English (a guy who all Michigan fans really want to be their DC, but was supposed to take a job with the Bears, but now may not be doing that...) will be DC after all. (see:

So...did you follow all that? Kinda confusing, I know...hopefully you can make sense of it.Take it easy,

Hey Kevin - thanks for that. There is no doubt that this team can ill afford to lose Tenuta in combination with losing Reis / Wilkinson / Davis / Henderson / etc / etc. Without some type of jolt from the offense we're not going to win more games even with a great defense - we've proven that 4 years in a row.

Stay tuned........