Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hewitt to shake things up

Well, the starting lineup for FSU is going to look different. In comes Mario West, Lewis Clinch and Theodis Tarver. Out goes Buck Fredrick, D'Andre Bell and Jeremis Smith. Yes, Jeremis Smith. A bit of a surprise, but Smith has not played well during the losing streak, consistently forcing things inside. It's like he and Ra'Sean Dickey decided to swap their game. Could we please have more than 2 guys playing at the top of their game at one time?

Of course, how important is the starting lineup? In my mind, not a lot in terms of on-the-court play. Here's what it is - a message. Coach Hewitt sent that message to Ra'Sean Dickey and he seems to have really turned up his mental game. The starting line-up is about motivation and the mental side of the game. Smith is going to get his regular minutes - count on it. But now he's been called out.

Stay tuned...........