Monday, February 06, 2006

Hoops - Let's Talk

Ok, everyone pretty much agrees that the two missing ingredients in this year's hoops team are a true point guard and team leadership. Ok, the first one is easy to get. You need a playmaker. You need a guy who can distribute, control the gameflow, set the tone. While Buck Fredrick has done an admirable job for a guy who is not a natural PG, he has not been the answer to success for this team. I have no doubt in my mind that with Jarrett Jack this is an NCAA tourney team.

Having said that, what about leadership. That phrase is getting thrown around a lot. There is no doubt that upperclassmen provide a steadying influence. They have been through the wars before. But in terms of what a leader actually does on the floor, what are we missing? Are we missing someone to grab everyone for that huddle on the floor. Are we missing that person to put fingers in people's grills and tell them to get in gear? Are we really just missing playmakers to keep the mental focus high through an entire 40 minutes?

What's your opinion? The PG thing is pretty clear. But when people say this team does not have "leadership", what does that really mean to you? Discuss amongst yourselves.