Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hewitt on the New AD

During Coach Hewitt's call-in show today, he had some pretty strong words to fans who are crying sour grapes over the new AD. At one point he said this:

- "If you want to complain and take your ball home, fine. Just give up your tickets and we'll give them to someone else"............ These comments were basically making the point that people just need to get behind the new guy. He's our guy, so give him your support.

- He met with both candidates. He was very impressed with Bill Curry and D-Rad had a lot of interesting ideas about on how to improve GT athletics. D-Rad told him one of his first goals was to improve marketing at GT.

In addition to this, he had VERY strong words about the hoops program this year.

- He said the season has not gone how he expected it and that it was NOT acceptable. He said that from what the coaches have learned, what the players have learned and from their desire not to go through this again, and from the current state of recruiting, that "we will never have a season like this one again".

- In addition, he said some players need to get in even better shape. Said Jeremis Smith needs to lose another 5-6 pounds. Didn't mention Zam, but we all know he could drop another 10-15 lbs easy.

- Said next year's recruits will really provide the depth the team needs to keep people fresh.

- Once again there was talk of M.Faye. Coach said he's coming along nicely and is a real unknown by others. Said he should be able to contribute next season. Coach said he is trying to develop a team with a power forward who can guard further out and even has a good mid-range jumper, and yet be big enough to mix it up inside. Wes Durham compared Faye to Jawad Williams. Coach Hewitt compared him to I.Evtimov.

Strong stuff!!!