Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Like a Bad Horror Movie

....... that just won't end. Now there are allegations of a cover-up high up in the athletic administration. As a bonus prize, why don't we throw in a wrongful termination lawsuit. No, I'm not kidding - check it out.

"It's unbelievable he'd accuse the president of a university of a cover-up," Braine said Tuesday. "[The NCAA] looked at it. There was never any intent to cover up anything. It's unbelievable he would say that. He might end up being sued for libel."

Want my opinion? I think the whole thing stinks. This could be sour grapes from a jilted former employee. This could be truth uncovering its head. Which is it? Personally, I hate to chose sides at this point. The old innocent until proven guilty seems fair. However, one thing has always bothered me about this sequence of events of this whole mess - the anonymous tip the NCAA got about issues inside the department. Well, we all know anonymous tips tend to come from "inside" - who else is going to know? Who else is going to worry so much that they want to remain anonymous? So if "someone" inside knew, that means many people inside probably knew. If the tip was "anonymous" then obviously "someone" didn't like what was going on and feared for their job. It seems pretty obvious to connect the dots and say that Shane Olivett must be the whistle blower (although the article does not blatantly say that).

Quite frankly, if Olivett slammed Braine and the administration during his interview with the NCAA during this process, then it is quite obvious why we got probation and a seemingly unfair punishment compared to worse violations at other schools. The NCAA must have sniffed cover-up. Quite frankly, this appears to put a nail in the coffin of a potential reversal of judgement by the NCAA. Of course you never know, but this just makes the whole thing worse.

Now, having said all that - check this out. This is not the first time Shane Olivett has been involved with the NCAA. There's this.

Old article just prior to Olivett taking GT job:
Nearly nine months after the NCAA first started making inquiries into South Carolina's football program, investigators still are asking questions.

Former USC academic counselor Shane Olivett, now in the same position at Georgia Tech, met with an NCAA investigator two weeks ago to discuss matters related to USC, a Georgia Tech official confirmed Tuesday.

Jennifer Condaras, Georgia Tech's director of compliance, said Olivett gave her a "courtesy heads-up" before his meeting with an unidentified NCAA enforcement official. Condaras knew none of the details of the meeting.

"He's not allowed to talk to us about it," Condaras said. "Usually with those cases you're not allowed to."

Olivett, who worked at USC for two years before departing last fall, did not return phone messages Tuesday.

Check out this quote from Olivett on the USC matter with Lou Holtz and how he was told to handle these matters:

"That the easiest way to say is, 'You don't have any knowledge or recollection, please refer to my supervisor," Shane Olivett, who left USC for Georgia Tech,told investigators. "That was explicitly stated in that meeting. ... Do not keep memos like that. Do not keep a file in your office about those things. Delete e-mails that could be harmful, was the way he described it."

Whever the truth lies, it stinks. We don't look good. Olivett is starting to smell. The whole thing just stinks..

NOTE TO DAN RADAKOVICH - WELCOME TO GEORGIA TECH!!!!! Glad to have you with us!!!