Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hoops - Jackets Lose a Heartbreaker..... Again

Didn't actually see the game, but I monitored it on my cellphone. I chose to help serve at our church's 1st annual wild game supper. About 400 other people thought it was an outstanding night of quail, duck, venison chili and wild boar. A win sure would have capped things off nicely for me personally but it was not to be. When I saw the final score of 87-84 in an overtime loss to Maryland, my heart sunk. But it wasn't one of those sinking feelings of despair. It was my heart feeling for these kids who just seem to be playing their hearts out and just can't piece the puzzle together. I could use all the cliches in the world, but they won't help. A loss is a loss. Get over it and move on. I'll watch the game on Sunday if I have time, but keep you chins up gang!! Story here.