Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thank you Tony Barnhardt

You know, I have been steaming over the Mark Bradley article professing that Chan Gailey was the wrong head coach for Georgia Tech only halfway through the season. I felt that editorial was an absolute travesty and only promotes the win-now mentality that pervades collegiate sports. Let's hang Chan Gailey because he's gone to 3 bowls in a row, had winning seasons, dealth with as much adversity as almost any program in the country and had to deal with recruiting standards that many others don't have.

So Tony Barnhardt comes in and calls a spade a spade - even to his own fellow journalist. Oh, he doesn't use Bradley's name, but he might as well.

So let me get this straight. If Calvin Johnson catches one pass, Georgia Tech is 5-1 right now with a win at Auburn and a loss to the No. 3 team in America (Virginia Tech) on the road. My guess is that even the most demanding of Techsters would be pretty happy with that.

But because Johnson, the best wide receiver in college football, DIDN'T catch that pass and Georgia Tech is 4-2, we must conclude that Chan Gailey is a bad coach and it's time to throw him under the bus. Is that what we're saying?

You know what - I couldn't have said it better myself, so I won't try. All I will say is don't judge the season until the season is done. Let's back the team, and save coaching issues for another day. This is not the time, even for bone-headed journalists who are trying to draw in readers with sensationalism.............