Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hoops - Georgia Hoops Fall Showcase

Justin over at has put together this event:

Justin Young of and more specifically is putting the first ever Georgia Hoops Fall Showcase. All of the top players from the state of GA have been invited to Southern Poly Tech in Marietta on Fri., Oct. 7 and Sat., Oct. 8 for a full slate of games. This is an event free to the public.

Here is short list of players that will be attending:

Chris Allen, 2007
Terrell Bell, 2007
Michael Calhoun, 2009
Leonard Carr, 2007
Javaris Crittenton, 2006
Derrick Favors, 2009
Aaron Gilstrap, 2007
Andrew Goudalock, 2008
Taylor Harps, 2007
Cameron Heyward, 2007
JJ Hickson, 2007
Bassy Inameti, 2007
Lance James, 2006
Pierre Jordan, 2008
Trey Lang, 2007
Gani Lawal, 2007
Carter McMaster, 2008
Jamar Moore, 2007
Tariq Muhammed, 2009
Dexter Shaw, 2008
Chris Singleton, 2008
Ben Smith, 2006
Zac Swansey, 2007
Cameron Tatum, 2006
JeMarco Warren, 2008
Adrian Williams, 2007
Rashard Wise, 2007
Cashmere Wright, 2009
Chris Wright, 2006
Andre Young, 2008

It is filled at 110 spots. Feel free to come on out and see some of the top players from the state of Georgia.

Justin Young