Monday, October 31, 2005

Football - More Clemson Game Notes

1. The last time Clemson did NOT score a TD against Tech goes back some 20 years to the 1985 black-watch defense, when Tech won 14-3 in Death Valley

2. Clemson not only hadn't lost a fumble coming into this game this season, they hadn't lost a fumble since their season opener in 2004!! Not only that, Reggie Merriweather's fumble was the first of his entire CAREER!!!

3. How's this for strange. Tommy Bowden gave Charlie Whitehurst two days off practice the week before the game, giving Will Proctor all the practice snaps. They said Charlie had a strained shoulder. Then Tommy chastises the senior for all his mistakes during the game. The local paper has a quote from the OC basically saying - we did what did, the result was the result, now there's nothing more to talk about. Ouch.

4. There was some solid senior leadership shown in this game. When Matt Rhodes made that terrible personal foul, D-Bo really chastised him in the huddle. Evidently there was also a great moment where the jumbotron showed a video of PJ Daniels running that led to the east stands which led to that side saying "YELLOW!!", then the video of PJ towards to west stands with "JACKETS!!". Then they showed a live video feed of PJ on the sideline waiving his arms getting the crowd to cheer. Awesome. Great "senior" moment.

5. Evidently the marketing department is stepping up just a bit. They've done some nice things with the website, added a desktop application for automatic GT updates, and they added signs at BDS at entry-ways that say "Next time, I'll remember to wear gold". In addition, they even had a jumbotron moment where some students came and a yelled "what's the good word!!!", and of coure we all know how the crowd responded. Nice! There was also a pre-game "Enter Sandman" video showing players getting taped up and pacing the lockerroom that pumped up the crowd.

6. Injury update - not much yet. Eric Henderson said that he actually played at 70% yesterday. Can you imagine what he would have done at 100%? Joe Anaoi playeed for about a minute then left the game for good. He came out in street clothes before the half. We will need that D-Line at FULL, FULL strength for the Wake Forest game. They have probably the best runner in the ACC or close to it with Chris Barklay and they run, run, run all day long.

7. Do we have a nickname issue? Someone at the Hive reported that Tashard Choice likes the nickname "Deuce", but evidently that's Kenny Scott's nickname. Nothing a good cage match won't fix.

8. Anyone notice Paul Hewitt get some airtime on ESPN? What you might not have noticed were all the high school hoops standouts with him. This past weekend was "underclassman day", where lots of future stars get to take unofficial campus visits. Among those on campus were top 2007 targer Gani Lawal, Howard Thompkins, Olu Ashalou, Al-Farouq Aminu (Alade's monster stud little bro - class of 2008), Romero Osby, and there were many others. Coach Hewitt is always working - and on the job at a college football game. Life is grand.

9. Good news for SC Gamecock frosh Carlos Thomas - his terrible looking injury turned out to be "only" a concussion. I say "only", because if you saw the play, you thought the kid broke his neck. If you remember Thomas is the kid who verballed to the Jackets last season, but then "the hill" (our academic gatekeepers) stopped him from taking his official visit, which ultimately led to a de-committment and switch to some new coach at SC named Spurrier. We wish Carlos a healthy recovery.

10. This is a MUST READ article of Georgia Tech football, called "Tech puts 'college" in football". The article was written by a UGA grad in a Charleston paper - read it!!!!! A really glowing review of how GT has maintained the concept of student-athlete. Here are a few quotes:

All you have to do is flip through Tech's team roster to find evidence that
things are a little different around here. There are actually football players
majoring in real majors. I mean things like electrical engineering, civil
engineering, industrial engineering, polymer and fiber engineering, computer
engineering and physics. The words 'ACC All-Academic Team' appear often.
But the real telling thing is that Management appears to be the major of last
resort for many of the Tech players. And that's not exactly basket

.....Now they are in, arguably, the toughest football conference
in the country and holding their own on football Saturdays when Grant Field is
full except for those who - believe it or not - are studying. What they
missed may not have been as important to a physics major with a midterm on
Monday, but when the Georgia Institute of Technology beat Clemson 10-9 Saturday
night, it was the kind of victory that allows us to keep the word college in
college football. Not bad for a trade school.

11. The USA Today poll is out and the Jackets are #26, just outside the top 25.

12. If my math is correct, the Jackets have scored 10 points in the 1st half of the last 4 games combined.........I said combined........ That means added together......... Our halftime adjustments are outstanding, but a little first half help would sure be a welcome addition.