Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hoops - Even More Motivation

Ok, if the Jackets already felt they had something to prove, now it's even stronger. The wizards that are the ACC media have given us their high and mighty useless picks of the pre-season. You know - that annual waste of space and time that must occur since there's nothing else in hoops to talk about..............

So they pick Duke to win it all and here's the rest with vote totals:

1. Duke (87)1,044* 2. Boston College918 3. Wake Forest791 4. NC State744 5. Maryland707 6. North Carolina573 7. Miami540 8. Virginia Tech451 9. Georgia Tech380 10. Clemson230 11. Florida State216 12. Virginia192

Clearly Duke is the favorite - and if you don't agree you're nuts - like it or not. I can't criticize BC in the #2 slot either. The rest is a crap shoot though. Who knows? We've been picked 7th before and made it to the National Championship game. We all know that underdog Hewitt teams tend to perform well - or is it that it's not hard to jump over a bar 6" off the ground? The team will benefit once again from low expectations, so honestly I expect a good season from a fan perspective. Time will tell.

Not one GT player gets votes as POY (not surprising). Not one player gets voted to the all-ACC preseason team (not surprising). However, our continually underrated 5-star man Lewis Clinch gets totally blanked in the rookie voting. Heck, a guy named Uche even got rookie votes. First he's left out of the McDonalds AA game, now this. Well, he was already playing with a chip on his shoulder - now it's even bigger. Alright Lewis - time to show'em ya got game. Bring it!

Oh yeah, forgot to thank to wonderful oracles and wizards of the media for sharing their knowledge and wisdom with us lowly peasants.