Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hoops - Congratulations to Jodie Meeks

I just wanted to send out a public congratulations to Jodie Meeks and his family. Jodie just chose Kentucky as his home for the next four years as he begins his college hoops career. Jodie is right out of our backyard in Norcross and is a definite player. In case you don't remember, we did a nice interview with Jodie and his father earlier in the year - link here.

I have exchanged a couple of emails with Jodie's father this week. Just a super-nice family and I wish Jodie all the best at UK. I will say one thing. I will not 2nd guess Coach Hewitt and his strategy for going after Javaris Crittenton as priority #1. It is also obvious that this is one of those years where the needs are for a true PG, then all bigs. So the numbers and the needs evidently led to Coach Hewitt backing off of Jodie. However, I will say this - we may come to regret that. I know what you're thinking - just because you interviewed the kid here doesn't mean he's going to pan out in college. Well, I think Jodie is going to do just fine. Just watch. He's a quality player, very intelligent on the floor and high character. He's got skills or else Tubby Smith wouldn't be interested.

So anyway, all the best to Jodie. Get ready for rabid, totally unrealistic expectations, nutty "night-stalker" type fans, but unmatched passion when it comes to college hoops. At least you'll probably have another Georgia buddy there, assuming Randolph Morris is still around in next season.