Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hoops Recruiting

On a side note, with combo guard Jodie Meeks committing to Kentucky that puts direct pressure on 2007 target #1 for the Jackets - Gani Lawal. He appears to priority #1, but will now be high school teammates with Meeks during their senior season. Meeks said in a recent radio interview in KY that he has known Lawal for a few years and he will definitely try and convince him to head to the bluegrass state. Also worth mentioning, there are reports that Lawal will be attending Kentucky's midnight madness with Meeks this year. In the end, this appears like a battle likely to come down to GT/KY. Uhhhmmmm, deja vu all over again? Tubby is recruiting pretty well from the state of GA.

On another note, it is starting to look like the Jackets might end up bridesmaids on all their top recruiting targets. Alex Stepheson announced for North Carolina today, and apparently we were 4th after UNC, UConn and UCLA. It seems like Perry Stevenson is leaning Texas Tech (and he will be a KY's Midnight Madness as well). There was a news report in Conn that Stanley Robinson had committed to UConn, although his high school coach says that's not true. We are in his top 3 along with UConn and Bama. Lance Thomas is still in the mix but could be a spring decision. Thaddeus Young is still in the mix, but we are looking like long shots with Memphis holding an advantage, then UNC and UConn again, along with Arkansas and ourselves. I think we are a real player in the Young sweepstakes, and Robinson is a bit shaky right now. The rich are gettin richer. That is the only thing we know for sure.

Let me just make one comment - it sucks to need a bunch of recruits in a year that UConn and UNC can bring in 14 between them. Holy cow.

On a last side note, it is looking very shaky on Mouhammad Faye joining the team this season. Paco Diaw is clear and the Tech roster has been updated. Official word on Faye should come soon.