Friday, November 26, 2004

The "Rudy" Story Once Again

Want to relive Rudy's sack of the GT QB back in 1975 again, for real? Story here.

And in his last college game as a senior, he was ordered in by Coach Dan Devine for one play. The final play of the game against Georgia Tech in 1975.

"November 8, 1975, to be exact," Rudy said.

In true storybook fashion, Rudy, playing defensive end, somehow managed to sack the Tech quarterback and was lifted on the shoulders of his jubilant teammates and carried off the field.

"People don't understand," Rudy said. "This wasn't just the first time I played. It was the first time I dressed for a game. The real surreal part was just running through the tunnel before the game.

"The play itself was like it was supposed to happen. I always practiced like I expected to play. When I was given the opportunity, I expected to make the tackle. I just needed the chance."

Saying it is one thing, though. Doing it was something else.

"Making the sack, it was very exciting," Rudy said. "I remember jumping up and down afterward and giving high-fives. Then, before I knew it, I was on the shoulders of my teammates."

Later, in the locker room, a sports writer came up to him and smiled.

"You know, son, this only happens in Hollywood," he said.

Some 10 years later, Hollywood finally bought the script that was crying for someone to make it into a movie.