Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Breaking News: Jackets Heading to Orlando

Per the AJC, "sources close to the situation" confirm that the Jackets will be heading to Orlando. Story here.

Now, it is time to call out all GT Fans.

Folks, it is time to step up and show that you are a REAL GT fan. We need to fill up the stadium in Orlando. I am calling all fans to the stage - front and center!!!! Buy your tickets as soon as they are available and BE THERE!! Support your team!!! Show these bowls that Georgia Tech is a team that they want, no matter what the record!!! Show them that we "travel well"!!!

So I am going to leave this post at the top, and I am going to ask everyone to let it be known that you are going to the game. As soon as I get home from this business trip, it will be time to convince my wife for a road trip.

I will be updating this post with a rollcall. If you are going to the game, leave your name in the comment box. Let us know when you buy your tickets. If you don't leave your name and you are one of the regulars, I might just "call you out".

I am serious about this. It is time for fans to get behind this team and show the east coast bowls how attractive we are. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!!!!! Besides, the last time we were in Orlando was pretty sweet if memory serves me. I was there.