Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Comments on the GT/Mich Game from the Boards

I perused the discussion boards to get a feel for what people are saying about the Jackets. Of course when you win big and dominate, it always strokes your ego to read the glowing comments:

Arizona fan on their own team:

Watching GTech take apart Michigan, a couple of questions come to mind:
(1) Why is our offense sooooooooooo bad?
(2) Why is Bynum such a great player for GT and didn't do anything here?
Is it possible the problem is here?

From a Duke fan:
Tech looks like the best team I've seen so far this season. They're incredible, every open shot is going down and they are playing amazing defense. I can see why Tech is rated so high, they've played extremely well so far.

From FSU fan #1:
GT...did you watch any of that debacle? These guy's are plain sick. Michigan is getting worked!

From FSU fan #2, responding to fan #1:
Tech looks extremely good tonight, it's a major league beat-down on meatchicken.

FSU fan:
Jack has made some of the most incredible plays I've seen this season so far.

Kentucky fan:
Now, I am starting to think that Jack, Elder, and Bynum may be the best backcourt in the nation. They are strong, tough, and each shoots it well. I'd be surprised if Chris Paul or Raymond Felton can do anything against them this year.

Kansas fan:
Michigan is playing like they have three walk-ons and GT is playing like a team with five ultra experienced seniors. I knew this game was going to be a blowout win for GT, but I've been impressed so far. UNC, Wake, and GT should have some serious track meets going on this year.

Maryland fan:
i dont believe in getting too worked up over one game and I admit that GT did not look this good against UIC, but these guys are proven winners and every indication is that they should be better this year. They were in the freaking title game last year.

Its an embarrassment that UNC and Wake (2 talented but flawed teams) have gotten the hype that GT has earned.

NCST fan:
This GT team is LOADED.
I really wish we would scrap our O and let the kids run, be a lot more fun that way and we might even pack the RBC center for a non con game.

Virginia fan:
GT is not just lights out, they are entire east coast power blackout.

Wake Forest fan:
Man, Tech looks really, really good. Easily the team I am most scared of in the ACC...

Wake Forest fans on Luke:
1. Tech is definitely the team I fear more than any other in the ACC. They actually play defense to go along with their high scoring offense. If LUUUUUUKE shoots 18 feet shots like he is tonight they will be one tough team to beat. They are also my 2nd fav team in the ACC.

2. When Luke caught that inside pass and in the same stride caught it chin-high and kissed it off the glass... THAT scared me.

3. I can't figure out how Schensher went from bad to good in just the matter of a couple games last year. Whatever he did, Visser needs to do.

Miami fan:
#1 Ga Tech KILLS Michigan 99-68...imagine what they will do with us...

Illinois fan:
If the Big 10 loses 7-2 again, and the big 10 struggles out of conference (Minny tonight), you can blame the rest of the teams for hurting our seed or bracket come March. It is really a shame because Illinois has no control over it at all.

Indiana fan:
G Tech scores more in a half than we can score all game...wow*

Michigan fan:
UM study in defense! Keeps GT under 100. Wow. Something obviously to build on.