Friday, November 19, 2004

Paul Hewitt - "The World in His Hands"

Nice little story on our head coach from the Albany Times Union (that's Albany NY), the former hometown paper for Coach Hewitt when he was the main man for Sienna College.

"Chipper Jones had dibs on this town before I came along," Hewitt said with a laugh, referring to the Atlanta Braves baseball player. "It's not like we are not recognized, but as much as there are people that love college basketball and support our team, they have other things in their lives here. It's not like everyone lives and dies with what we do.

"We have the Braves, we have Michael Vick and the Hawks are starting up. In a way, it was like that in Albany. When the Giants came to town for training camp and the horses were running at Saratoga, no one was talking about Siena basketball. I think that kind of thing is healthy."