Tuesday, November 30, 2004

First Media Report of "Gailey on the Hot Seat"

Well, many sites have their "coaches on the hot seat" prior to new seasons. This site has indicated Coach Gailey will be on theirs:

Gailey's seat is getting warm

Those coaches-on-the-hot-seat lists revealed before every season certainly will include Georgia Tech's Chan Gailey next summer.

The Yellow Jackets are 6-5 after losing to Georgia Saturday and headed for another mediocre season under the former Dolphins assistant. Gailey is 20-17 — 12-12 in the ACC — in his three seasons in Atlanta.

Opinion is divided on Gailey. His supporters point to his high character. His detractors cite the program's fall from four straight eight-win seasons prior to Gailey's arrival and inexplicable losses, including one to lowly Duke in 2003.