Friday, November 19, 2004

Bowl Talk Part II

More confirmation that the Continental Tire Bowl wants NOTHING to do with Georgia Tech:

The realities of a four-team chase for the league championship leave Ken Haines, Raycom's president (Raycom owns the Tire Bowl), with a straightforward choice. "Obviously, if both North Carolina and Clemson win, we've got a decision to make between those two," Haines said yesterday. "That would be an interesting discussion Monday."
To add insult to injury, they throw this in about the MPC Computers Bowl (blue turf in Boise):
If the tire changers pick Clemson over Carolina, the Tar Heels could wind up in the Boise bowl formerly known as the Humanitarian (and now called the MPC Computers Bowl). The distance and date (Dec. 27) would inhibit some potential travelers. Boise probably doesn't covet Georgia Tech for the second straight ski season.
Can you feel the love for GT? (Heavy sarcasm).