Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Scoring in the Red-Zone

Hey, hey, we're talking football here - easy now. This article talks about Charlie Whitehurst and his improving ability to score inside the 20 yard line. This mentions GT:

Clemson got inside the red zone 47 times last year, and only scored 26 touchdowns, for a percentage of 55.3. Only three teams in the ACC, Florida State (53.8), Duke (48.8) and Georgia Tech (39.4), had a lower success rate of scoring touchdowns when inside the 20.
Ok, there are two reasons we should be improved in this area, and both are over 6'3" tall - Calvin Johnson and D-Bilbo. Now I know you cannot throw every ball up for grabs. But when one guy is 6'4" and has a 43" vertical, you can throw it up more often than not.

Bottom line is that to be successful this season we have to score more points.