Thursday, August 26, 2004

KaMichael Hall picking up LB spot

Nice to see Hall picking up well for his new starting LB assignment. Link here. Interestingly, the story also mentions that 80-90% of the work this coming week would be focused on Samford. One of the discussion boards was debating the merits of possibly spending some time on Clemson as well. Personally I don't think that's a good idea - anyone remember Duke? To spend the first week of the season "looking ahead" doesn't sit well. Of course, 80-90% is a lot, and it didn't say what the other 10-20% would be spent doing.

Also note that freshman Nate McManus practiced with the 1st team - something new. I wish him the best, but I heard once an old adage about starting freshman in college football. For every one you start, add 1 loss to your total. Obviously he is not going to start unless their is a major injury problem, but you get my point. Depth is a real concern, probably the #1 issue on this team.