Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The 1990 Football Title Controversy Referenced

Our 1990 Football National Championship "split" with Colorado gets some play in the media this week due to the whole Paul Hamm Olympic deal. Check this out.

Besides, sports provide us so many great examples of nobility.

The Soviet Union gave its 1972 Olympic gold medals in men's basketball to the United States. The Kansas City Royals sent their 1985 World Series championship rings to St. Louis. The University of Colorado football team forfeited its fifth-down touchdown victory over Missouri and shipped an undisputed 1990 college championship trophy to Georgia Tech.

Wait. You say they didn't? Well, slap me with a silly stick. You mean we're supposed to accept human error? Display grace even in defeat? Get over the bad hands life sometimes deals us and move on? Even in sports? Even in the Olympics? Run ahead, you say? Mercy!

Even the Rudy movie gets a mention - link here
Screenwriters would hammer out rough drafts of Hamm's story before the plane returning him home was off the runway. (Hey, if a movie can be made of a Notre Dame walk-on football player who got onto the field for a few seconds against Georgia Tech, surely a movie could be made of the gymnast who went for the gold, and then gave it up.)