Thursday, August 26, 2004

GT Hires a Marketing Firm

Did you know that out of 4.3 million people in metro ATL, only 34,670 are GT grads? UGA In fact there are only 43,065 alumni know to be living in the entire state. So how do you fill a 55,000 seat stadium? Obvioulsy, you try and build some more attraction to the other 4.3 million.

We can bitch and make excuses as to why GT doesn't attract larger crowds, but the facts are that UGA and the Falcons have sold out all available tickets with seating of 92,000 and 71,000 respectively. At GT there are tickets available for ALL home games, even Miami, and BDS holds 55,000.

Now, some of the ways they are looking to help the situation sound interesting
- creative a more festive game-day experience
- pre-game radio show from Bobby Dodd Way
- fan festival area "Wreckfest" on top of Peters Parking Deck
- interactive games, kids activities, concessions
- have GT famous sports figures to meet fans
- create a marketing campaign around the "hometown team" concept
- more visibility of coaches / players around the community
- increase radio coverage of night games (weak signal now)

Sounds like a good start to me. Story here on increasing attendance.