Monday, August 30, 2004

Beesball and Scott Boros

Funny, this guy probably has the WORST reputation as an agent for these young baseball players. He continues to build on that rep with things like this - link here.
Also mentions Mark Teixeira:

What the Diamondbacks aren’t willing to do is give Drew a similar contract to Mark Teixeira. The Texas Rangers third baseman was the fifth-overall pick in the 2001 draft out of Georgia Tech. After struggling to get him signed, Texas agreed on a four-year major-league contract that was worth $9.5 million and included a $4.5 million dollar signing bonus the day before Teixeira was scheduled to report for classes at Georgia Tech.
By the way, guess who represented Micah Owings? You guessed it. Guess who dropped bigtime in the draft after scaring teams away "demanding" a $1,000,000 signing bonus. Guess who's going back to school - at Tulane??