Friday, August 27, 2004

Football Notes

Eric Henderson shows up - at #57 and PJ Daniels shows up at #62. Where is James Butler? As someone at the Hive said, what matters is where they are on this list at the END of the season.

On Eric Henderson:

57. Eric Henderson, Georgia Tech, DE: The star of what should be a very good D-line. Led the ACC with 11 sacks and was second with 24 tackles for loss, a Tech single-season record.
On PJ Daniels:
62. P.J. Daniels, Georgia Tech, RB: Has great balance and vision. The former walk-on battled his way to 1,447 rushing yards, including an NCAA bowl-game record 307 yards versus Tulsa in the Humanitarian Bowl.

Rating Chris Rix - link here.

More mention of the 1990 NC and the Colorado 5-down fiasco - link here.
The new formula is simpler for sure, and probably better. But that doesn’t mean the BCS will escape dissension.

To realize the kind of travesty that’s possible when giving more weight to the human factor, one need only be reminded of what happened in 1990. The AP crowned Colorado, despite an 11-1-1 record that included the infamous “fifth-down” victory over Missouri. Georgia Tech went 11-0-1 and had to share the title, after earning the top spot in the UPI poll.

19.1 Yards per catch recorded by Steelers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt during his senior season as a tight end at Georgia Tech in 1984.