Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Tired

You know, I watched about 10 minutes of the Presidential debate tonight and that's all I could take. Putting my personal politics aside, I just cannot believe that the rigorous, drawn-out, tiring process of producing candidates spit out these two guys. Is this all we can come up with?

I'm tired of hearing about "what the American people are tired of hearing about......", and then proceeding to talk about it until even more tired. I'm tired of the lack of leadership. I'm tired of finger-pointing. I'm tired of empty promises. I'm tired of candidates trying to convince me that they can make things happen. Don't sit and tell me how you're going to change the economy. You don't have a clue, nor the power nor the gumption to change the economy. It's too complex with too many variables for any of us to understand. How the heck are you going to convince me you can turn it one direction or another? You can't.

I'm just tired tonight and grumpy tonight. Sorry about the rant. Just not in the mood to be entertained tonight, and that's all these debates are good for - entertainment.