Monday, October 06, 2008

AP Poll - Who Voted for Georgia Tech?

In case you wanted to know who loves us and who doesn't, here you go:

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AP Poll CFB '08
College Football '08

Results for Georgia Tech -- Week 7.

Voter Rank
John Heuser 17
Aditi Kinkhabwala 19
Kirk Herbstreit 19
Adam Van Brimmer 20
Tom Murphy 20
Jim Lamar 22
Sal Interdonato 22
Steve Conroy 22
Jake Schaller 23
Stewart Mandel 23
Chris Fowler 24
Brett McMurphy 25
Ferd Lewis 25
Jeff White 25
Steve Sipple 25
Anthony Gimino unranked
Barker Davis unranked
Bill Cole unranked
Bob Hammond unranked
Bret Bloomquist unranked
Craig James unranked
Doug Lesmerises unranked
Doug Segrest unranked
Eric Hansen unranked
Eric Page unranked
Glenn Guilbeau unranked
Herb Gould unranked
Jason Franchuk unranked
Jeff McLane unranked
Jim Mashek unranked
Jimmy Burch unranked
Joe Giglio unranked
Joe Person unranked
Joe Rexrode unranked
John Hunt unranked
John Silver unranked
Jon Johnson unranked
Jon Wilner unranked
Joseph Duarte unranked
Kent Taylor unranked
Kevin Pearson unranked
Kirk Bohls unranked
Marcus Fuller unranked
Mark Anderson unranked
Mark Tupper unranked
Matt McCoy unranked
Maurice Patton unranked
Mike Ceide unranked
Mike DeArmond unranked
Mike Prater unranked
Mike Strain unranked
Mitch Vingle unranked
Molly Yanity unranked
Myron Patton unranked
Pete DiPrimio unranked
Randy Harrison unranked
Randy Rosetta unranked
Ray Fittipaldo unranked
Ray Ratto unranked
Robbie Andreu unranked
Scott Wolf unranked
Taylor Zarzour unranked
Tom Hart unranked
Tom Keegan unranked
Tom Mulhern unranked