Monday, October 06, 2008

GoCrossCampus ACC Tournament

Hey Georgia Tech and ACC fans. You like challenges? We were contacted by the folks at GoCrossCampus about an interesting challenge game open for anyone. Sounds intriguing. I encourage Tech fans to sign up and play. Here are details:


GoCrossCampus Press Contact:

Brad Hargreaves, ACC Tournament Director

(318) 780-0257

2008 GoCrossCampus ACC Tournament to Launch on October 6

First Annual Battle for ACC supremacy to include students, faculty and alumni

NEW YORK, NY – In what is slated to be the single largest competitive event in the history of the ACC, twelve universities are gearing up for the first annual GoCrossCampus tournament in the Atlantic Coastal Conference. An epic two-month battle for territorial supremacy, the Championship is open to all students, faculty and alumni from the twelve member schools of the ACC. The game is online at

The tournament kicks off on October 6th. Participants can show off their spirit and dominate their rival schools on GoCrossCampus (GXC for short), created by student-founded web startup company GXStudios. GoCrossCampus is creating an competitive league around a simple, browser-based casual online game.

“Take a world domination game, multiply it by over 200,000 ACC students, and inject intense competition and social interactivity,” explains Matthew O. Brimer (Yale ’09), Chief Marketing Engineer at GXStudios. “You control who you attack and where you defend, working together en masse with the rest of your team for total ACC domination. The object of the tournament is to conquer the entire map and oust all your rival schools.”

While this is the first ACC Tournament, GoCrossCampus has created a successful collegiate league over the past year. Last year’s Ivy League Championship garnered nearly 11,000 players from all eight Ivies. It was covered by the New York Times, CBS News, MTV News and Sports Illustrated. “We can easily beat that in the ACC,” says Nick Selz (Yale ’11), GoCrossCampus Marketing Coordinator. “We’re creating a full-blown online sport for the entire campus to get involved with, and we’ve been extremely pleased with the support we’ve gotten from top campus organizations.”

“Everyone who has joined the game so far seems really psyched,” says Allison Sproul, a freshman at Florida State. FSU is determined to win this ACC tournament after failing to do so in last spring's GoCrossCampus Florida Championship. Those other teams better be ready for our tomahawk chop!

Combining elements of social networking, online gaming, and inter-collegiate sports rivalry, GoCrossCampus fosters campus unity and rekindles traditional Ivy League rivalries -- online as well as offline. Brimer elaborates, “Whether it’s the nightly team strategy meetings, the networks of spies on other campuses, or the massive recruitment pushes in dorms and dining halls, GXC bridges the real and online worlds.”

You can talk strategy via a built-in chat interface, get real-time stats on how the game is progressing and even get elected commander of your school,” describes Selz. “Best of all, it’s completely free for all involved.”

To check out the ACC Championship Tournament, visit


About GoCrossCampus

GoCrossCampus is a team-based massively multiplayer social gaming platform that revolves around your connections, locations and interests. Founded in 2007 by five Ivy League students, GoCrossCampus has been phenomenally successful in its private beta launch, and the company is continuing to expand rapidly, developing its brand and software into a groundbreaking new multi-platform team-based social gaming destination.

GoCrossCampus is a GXStudios property. GXStudios is a venture-backed web startup company with offices in Manhattan and New Haven. In Fall 2007, GXStudios secured Series A funding from by two New York firms, Easton Capital and WGI Group.

GoCrossCampus is online at