Saturday, October 18, 2008

Game Blogging

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GT 7
CU 0

  • Lots of 3-and-outs to start by both teams
  • Bam - D.Reese INT for a TD on some attempted Tiger trickeration. Nice playcall Dabo - welcome to the big leagues
  • Wow - we barely made that extra point - bonked off the upright, 7-0
  • Tigers trying some option stuff. Clemson starting to get a couple of first downs
  • Another INT - Derrick Morgan causes the INT - WOW!!
  • Wonder if Korn's arm is hurting
  • Missed FG - not even close from 50 yards.
  • Cullen Harper back in the game - bad shoulder and all
  • Wow - GT defense looking STOUT!!! Another 3-and-out
  • GT calls a weird timeout with Clemson punting - what's up with that?
  • Michael Johnson coming off the edge on the punt block - almost got that one.
  • Paul Johnson hasn't figured out the right adjustments offensively yet.
  • Did Dabo Swinney actually call a normal play in the first quarter? Like, you know, run up the middle?
GT 14
CU 3
  • GT defense continues to excel - 6 possessions for CU - 4 punts, 2 INTs
  • Offense on the other hand, hasn't figured out anything yet.
  • Is it just me, or do you fear everytime a GT player has to catch a punt?
  • 15 yard messing with the punt returner
  • Guys are dropping like flies - Michael Johnson shaken up, Tyler Melton some kind of leg issue, David Brown shaken up,
  • There's fumble #1 - Dwyer hit right on the handoff from Nesbitt - Clemson recovers
  • Ok, we're getting a little shaky now - offsides on D-Rich
  • Fumble Clemson - we get the ball back - Whoah!!! Derrick Morgan recovers - he's everywhere!! Third turnover for CU
  • Wow - our O-Line not getting it done right now. Again, the offense just perplexed right now. Another 4th down punt. No answers from Paul Johnson
  • We go for it on 4th down and would have had it had Lipfert not slipped - 1 foot short - man!
  • I guess with the defense playing so well, Johnson is comfortable taking some chances
  • Now Clemson is giving Harper some time to throw - and he's moving the ball. They're near the redzone.
  • 3rd down sack by Sedric Griffin! Nice!!
  • Field goal good - Clemson on the board
  • There we go - Dwyer breaks a long run on 3rd down - and now Nesbitt finds Roddy for a long pass. The adjustments have begun. We're close to the redzone now
  • TD Nesbitt on the keeper............ I'm a Ramblin Wreck from Georgia Tech...................
  • 1st 6 drivers 62 yards, last drive 80 yards, adjustments working
  • Wow - a great return - Scott Blair has made more TD-saving tackles than anyone on the team. That's a problem
  • Wow, Morgan Burnett saves the day with INT #3 on the day.
  • That's the end of the half
  • You have to like what you see in the defense, the offense started to show life at the end of the half
  • Scott Blair for MVP

Team Statistics

Yellow Jackets Tigers
First Downs 6 5
Passing 1 3
Rushing 5 1
Penalty 0 1
Third Down Efficiency 2-7 1-7
Fourth Down Efficiency 0-1 0-0
Total Plays 31 30
Average Gain Per Play 4.5 2.7
Rushes 28 14
Average Per Rush 3.6 1.6
Completions-Attempts 2-3 9-16
Yards Per Pass Play 12.3 3.8
Times Sacked 1 1
Yards Lost to Sacks 9 6
Had Intercepted 0 3
Average Punt 36.3 36.3
Penalty Yards 10 15
Fumbles Lost 1 1

Dwyer 52 yards at the half
Nesbitt 2-3 passing, 37 yards, 15 rushes for 31 yards
Defense has created 4 INT's and 1 fumble - wow

GT 14
CU 17
  • Jackets receive - bad return by Dwyer
  • 15 yard illegal block penalty hurt, but Nesbitt makes a play to get a key 1st down on 3rd-and-2
  • Another fumble - Dwyer again - all his fault this time Clemson recovers on our 45
  • TD Clemson on an underthrown ball - looked like Jahi pulled up lame with some kind of hamstring issue - looks like he'll probably be out for the rest of the game.
  • Again, the turnover leads directly to 7 points - the defense can't do everything folks
  • Looked like Dwyer got banged up on that return - Quincy Kelly is in a B-Back
  • GT offense has caught 2 balls, GT defense has caught 3. Wow
  • Easy first down pass, dropped by Correy Earls, result = punt
  • Wow - VERY questionable running into the kicker penalty - lucky break for GT. Really a bad call, but I'll take it.
  • Dwyer back in and goes 15 yards for 1st down
  • We're starting to push it up the middle a lot. Nesbitt on some quick keepers up the middle. Dwyer up the middle.
  • Nesbitt's throws don't look good. A lot of floaters. Of course when you're pressured and throwing off your back foot, that's going to happen. Another punt. Clemson will start at their own 20 with about 6 minutes to go in Q3
  • Clemson on the move again - convert a key 3rd-and-9, no pressure on the QB.
  • Wow - D-Rich just missed the easiest sack of his life and Harper completes a 1st down pass as a result - key play?
  • Screen pass for a TD Clemson, so much for Willy Korn, right.
  • The defense AND the offense need to step up now.
  • Give Clemson credit - they have changed the "big Mo" - clearly in their favor right now
GT 21
CU 17
  • The offense is doing NOTHING now. NOTHING. Punting..... again
  • Roddy Jones in at punt returner - good. He catches the ball and gets a few yards too.
  • Nesbitt throwing the ball looks terrible. Finally hits a pass and it's holding. Coming back
  • 3rd and long is a bad bad situation in this offense (well, any offense really)
  • BeBe Thomas just dropped an easy TD pass - a bomb right into his hands. He just shortarmed that ball - wow - That's a TD folks. Pitch and catch. Now, instead it's a punt.
  • Defense does the job. We get the ball back again with good field position.
  • D.Thomas makes amends with a key 3rd down tough grab
  • AJ Smith banged up...... again. Will that guy ever play a full game?
  • There are VERY few pitches to A-Backs in this game. It's Nesbitt or Dwyer.
  • TD BeBe Thomas on a key 3rd down!!!!!! Wow.
  • Ok, so Nesbitt's arms has woken up.
  • Nice to see BeBe get a 2nd and 3rd chance and come through
  • Can the defense hold?? 5:13 remaining
  • Clemson is keeping extra guys in to protect Harper. Seemed like they had 8 in pass protection
  • 3rd down and 12 for Clemson at their 47...................... no dice
  • 4th down and 12 for Clemson at their 47. They're going for it ..................... 1st down....... but HOLDING on Clemson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 4th down and 22 for Clemson at their 37. They're going for it...................... NO GOOD!!! Jackets take over............ the hook-and-ladder-and-pitch ain't gonna work. Wow!!!
  • That should be ball game............. should be
  • Morgan Burnett gets the INT to ice it.
  • Wow - what a game. A lot of mistakes but the Jackets manage to make the big play when it's needed.
  • Credit to Clemson for a solid 2nd half. They came out and battled back, but the Jackets just made key plays at key times.


Team Statistics
Yellow Jackets Tigers
First Downs 13 11
Passing 3 8
Rushing 9 2
Penalty 1 1
Third Down Efficiency 6-16 2-12
Fourth Down Efficiency 0-1 0-0
Total Plays 64 56
Average Gain Per Play 4.7 4.5
Rushes 52 24
Average Per Rush 4.0 2.1
Completions-Attempts 5-12 19-32
Yards Per Pass Play 7.6 6.2
Times Sacked 1 1
Yards Lost to Sacks 9 6
Had Intercepted 0 4
Average Punt 39.0 36.8
Penalty Yards 45 35
Fumbles Lost 2 2

Dwyer - 21 carries, 109 yards
Nesbitt - 5-12, 91 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, 26 carries for 77 yards
D.Thomas - 4 catches for 56 yards (but should have been 5 for about 90)

J.Davis - 8 carries, 26 yards
J.Harper - 10 carries, 26 yards
C.Harper - 15-25 passing, 171 yards, 2 TD's, 2 INT's
W.Korn - 4-6, 28 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT
A.Kelly - 7 catches, 119 yards