Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where are they now - Joe Hamilton

The golden boy returns. The best all-purpose, dual-threat, option-superstar QB in Tech history evidently is coming home. Joe Hamilton is apparently taking a job as something along the lines of "Assistant Director of Player Personnel" per a recent "Lunch Bunch Report" with Paul Johnson.

Isn't that fantastic!!! Boo-yah my friends.

Other key points from Paul Johnson:

  • Coaching Clinics - they get such high attendence because of the system they run and the success they've had with it - and it's different. Said it should have an obvious recruiting benefit
  • Team didn't have enough "team unity" when new coaching staff arrived. Too many small cliques, and too many players satisfied with their individual perfomance even if the team loses.
  • Pumped that GT needs some improvements in facilities - not major stuff - just some new bells and whistles that are important to kids today
  • All players "except a couple" have bought into what the staff is trying to accomplish.
  • Wasn't impressed with GT media coverage from primary beats.
  • Does NOT call his offense the "triple option". He calls it the "spread option". Said the T.O. is only one aspect of what they do.
  • Playcalling - said most college coaches have about 15 basic plays - and most coaches have a similar set. Why use the same set of plays? Different = good = wins.
  • Recruiting stars are a joke. PJ and staff combined have a hard time tracking all key recruits just in the state of GA, but one guy living up in the midwest is going to track and evaluate all of them? Said that who gives a kid offers plays a strong role in their rankings. Even said some of the old GT staff fell into the "star" trap. Said he doesn't care if a kid is a "24-star". If they don't want him..... they don't want him
  • D-Line pretty much dominated the O-Line all spring, but OL dealing with lots of injuries.
  • Said his teams led the nation in rushing the last three seasons and if a running back doesn't want to come here because he doesn't like "the system", then he doesn't want him anyway.
  • Navy only punted 18 times all season last year. Wow
  • Views UGAg as a challenge and can't hide from the fact that it's not just another game. Likes Mark Richt but said we won't be scared of them.