Thursday, April 24, 2008

Football - Trey Dunmon Transferring

Well, I said it yesterday - Paul Johnson in his press conference said that almost everyone has bought in to what he is doing. Almost ain't everyone, and that minority evidently included offensive lineman Trey Dunmon, who appears to be headed to Georgia Southern. As always, we wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors. It's best if he's dissatisfied to move on to other pastures and not be a negative influence on the team. Now, let's get back to those who are in this thing with heart, mind, body and spirit 100%.

Where does that leave us? Pretty thin on the O-Line. Trey was a top guy at center, so it looks like Dan Voss could be the new guy to take that role. Center is THE key role on the line in this offense. One injury and that could leave us in a big lurch.

Speaking of being in it 100%, counteracting this news is the fact that Joe Hamilton is almost officially back on the staff. As mentioned here before, he'll report to Liam Klein and basically get involved in on-campus recruiting visits and other player personnel issues. Great job by Paul Johnson finding a way to get a GT legend and nice guy back in the fold. Of course Lil'Joe wants more than this, as his dream is to become a QB coach.