Monday, April 14, 2008

Changes on the Blog

You may have noticed some subtle changes to the Blog. I am always trying to keep things interesting and add better functionality

You'll notice a new MUCH more effective search box in the right column. When you search a term, you'll see a set of choice pop up in the main column, where you can search on this Blog only, or other GT Blogs, ACC blogs, all the web, etc. I've tested it some and it's pretty good at finding what I'm looking for on the Blog.

Ok, I'm like seriously going web 2.0 now. I have a Twitter feed. OoooohhTherefore I feel part high-tech and part like a 14 year old kid. What is twitter you ask? Well, some refer to it as "micro-blogging". Basically I can put short updates, links or comments that may or may not relate to this Blog - although they mostly will. I can easily do the updates from my phone, etc. The right-hand column about halfway down has the "Twitter Feed" Box. Now, if you have a Twitter account, you can "follow" my twitter feed and you can get updates by text message, email, etc. For those of you already following me, I did change my username to "GTBlogScott" to be more recognizable.

We now have a mucho-easy way to not only subscribe to the RSS newsfeed of the Blog, but also the actual comments people are making. Just look at the top of the left-hand column. Click it and it gives you different options depending on your newsreader of choice.

We have an easier way to add new polls to the site, so I'll be updating them more often, giving Jacket fans to get the pulse of different relevant topics.

Of course you still have the ability to leave audio voice-mail, and I'll be challenging you with some topics to leave your thoughts about in the near future. The "Call Me" button is mid-way down the right column.

I'll be keeping a list of the most popular posts in the left column. Most of that will be based on viewer stats. That's in the left column part way down.

I've neglected the links to other useful sites for GT fans, and it's time to get them updated. They changed a bit recently and you'll be seeing updates on an ongoing basis. Those are in the left-hand column.

The "Latest News" link is a great source for updated Jacket news as well as links that I think Jacket fans will find interesting. Most of that is automatic, but I can easily add some things of interest myself as well. It also allows you to see the history as well. That's in the left column as well.

I now have some additional ability to create posts and "schedule" them to appear automatically in the future. This is great for me to keep the continuity. For example, this week is going to be extremely busy and next week I'm going to be completely out-of-pocket. I will spend a little time creating a handful of posts to show up in the next couple of weeks so you won't be left high-and-dry. In the past, I could create content before I wanted to publish, but had to go back in on the day I wanted it to show up................. In fact, I am writing this while watching UNC lose to Kansas in the Final Four (by the way, I picked Kansas to win it all).

Just wanted to thank everyone again for the support and compliments about the site. Some of you recently donated money through the "Tip Jar" in the right-hand column. It is greatly appreciated and affirms for me that my passion is other people's passion as well. I also want to thank those who continue to buy their stuff through the link in the right-column. It's a small gesture that helps support what we do. Of course it's not such a bad thing to take a few dollars out of Amazon's pocket and send them to a GT supporter, right?

Thanks!!! I'll keep trying to update the site and add new functionality.