Saturday, April 26, 2008

Third String News

So, every week there's a lot of secondary news that you never hear about, or maybe catch on the Hive, but that's relavent or interesting to GT fans. Mostly, I never have time to tell you about them, but I thought I would throw some interesting stuff out there.

So Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban were in concert in the ATL, and Urban collaborated with none-0ther than the Georgia Tech drumline on the song "I Told You So". Evidently the drumline came out and you couldn't tell they were GT............ until a huge GT was flashed on the big HD video screen behind the band. Apparantely that led to both a chorus of cheers and boo's as Jacket and Doggy fans expressed themselves. Good stuff, and maybe I just became a Keith Urban fan.

Anyone who has been at GT knows about "taking the M-Train", which means changing your major from some type of engineering or architorture track and jumping on the management / business bandwagon. Well, some buddies of mine sent this link to me of a video done by some GT students which highlights two key things.... 1) they have way to much time on their hands........ 2) They have way too many connections to be GT students. So without further wait, here's their musical ode to the M-Train, complete with Buzz, cheerleaders and more. Fan-freakin-tastic I say!!

Well, the NCAA said that our Athletic Dept was not "in control" with their investigation a few years back. Well, maybe the problem was the school itself and not the GTAA. A couple of GT professors were recently arrested for double-dipping their salaries with their former job at U of Minnesota. We had some GT employees abusing school credit cards. Now we have more of the same, with another old lady bilking her GT expense card for electronic goods. Honestly, looking at her mug shot, I did not realize that the mom from the Partridge Family worked at GT.

Evidently Jacksonville State got into a little trouble last year for spying - and has been cited for a secondary violation.