Friday, April 04, 2008

Where are they now - Adamm Oliver

While Adamm Oliver gets 100% healthy, he's preparing for his possible future in the NFL and also getting into the web-game. Check out to see what he's doing. If you dig in you can find a discussion forum where you can ask current and former players questions. In addition, he's started doing a live radio show which is going to be weekly. You can listen live over the inter-web AND you can listen to recordings of prior shows AND you can even subscribe to the show in Itunes as a "podcast" and listen on your IPOD. Click here to check it out.

One great story Adamm posted on his forum was the following:

From Adamm Oliver:

This story was in our locker after the come from behing Clemson game 04'.

"Carter Martin, age 7, has spent the last 2 years fighting cancer. Over the past 3 weeks the cancer reached his brain and his coordination grew worse. He was also a huge Georgia Tech fan and loved the football team. Saturday night he asked his father to do play by play of the Tech game, as he was unable to see the television from his bed. As time grew late and tech was losing in the fourth quarter, his father ask him if he could stop, as it had to be miserable to hear Tech losing and he needed his sleep. Carter said "please don't stop-I know Tech is going to win." His father bravely kept doing the play by play and Carter struggled to stay awake. As Tech scored the winning touchdown Carter squeezed his fathers hand tightly. Shortly Carter fell asleep, aglow in the Tech victory. He died Sunday and will be buried on Wednesday with a Tech football helmet panted on his casket"

Now, I don't care who you are and how much you got frustrated with the excitement level of Chan Gailey's offense, or the points it produced, or the yearly loss to UGAg. The bottom-line is that Chan Gailey never did anything to embarrass the Institute. He represented us with class, he recruited really high character kids and he taught them about the bigger things in life. Heck, I don't even know if Chan Gailey has anything to do with putting that story up (or how it got to the locker-room so quickly - stange timing??). Honestly no matter how it got there - Coach Gailey had a part in it. He set the tone for what mattered.

This is just one of those stories that reinforces my faith in God, puts all this in the proper perspective and reinforces my belief that judging a program solely on wins and losses is a dreadful mistake.