Saturday, April 21, 2007

Where are they now - Calvin Johnson

Some tidbits about our man Calvin Johnson...............................

JUST CASH IT........
CJ has signed an endorsement deal with NIKE, and has already been involved in a new ad campaign shoot. Nike brought together an all-star collection of college football players at Disney’s Wide World of Sports in Orlando for an ad shoot. Evidenlty the theme is “Work Like A Rookie,” and will feature players training in Nike Pro compression and the newest football cleats.

Taking part in the commercial are their newly signed endorsers: JaMarcus Russell (LSU), Calvin Johnson (Georgia Tech), Marshawn Lynch (California), Amobi Okoye (Louisville), Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma), Leon Hall (Michigan), Gaines Adams (Clemson), and Greg Olsen (Miami). Nike will shoot Brady Quinn on Friday due to a scheduling conflict. The print ad featuring these athletes will appear in major sports publications and on billboard at 34th and 7th in New York City beginning in early April.

By the way, lots of players entering this April’s NFL Draft have already started cashing in on their futures. They’ve hit up their agents for cars and other extravagant purchases. Former Georgia Tech wide receiver Calvin Johnson submitted his request recently.

“He needed a pair of gloves. That’s all he needed was a pair of gloves,” said Tom Shaw, an NFL performance trainer working with several players in preparation for the NFL Combine. “Nike sent him a box of three gloves and he was in heaven.”

Evidently the admission of experimentation with Mary Jane has not hurt Calvin Johnson at all 0 either his image or his draft status. In fact, most of the talk has been about the honestly of admitting it, and the seething anger by certain NFL executives over the information being leaked in the first place. The video-taped interviews were sent to key people within NFL teams who could potentially draft that kid. There are even rumors that one team leaked the info in an effort to have Gaines Adams drop on the draft board so they could swoop in a take him............