Friday, April 06, 2007

Hoops: The Offensive Paradox Part II

Most of you remember my lengthy post on Coach Hewitt's motion offense. However, what it mostly contained was generalities about the motion offense - not specifics about the Georgia Tech offense. Well, now we have them, courtesy of our west coast blogger / hoops coach over at triplethreatbasketball. He happened to be given the keys to the car by Coach Hewitt himself and was kind enough to share them with me. In addition, he has posted a summary of those GT Motion Offense notes over at his blog. Once I have time to absorb the information, I may post more as well.

I did find Coach Hewitt's advantages and disadvantages interesting, particularly about the Coach losing some control of the offense.



  • Teaches players how to play the game. Reading screens and moving w/o the ball
  • Difficult to scout and defend
  • Good ball reversal will create driving opportunities bc of poor defensive closeouts


  • Coach loses some control of offense, who shoots and when he shoots
  • Offensive rebounding may suffer, because players are unsure when a shot may go up

By the way, the site is a very good one if you are interested in learning about coaching X's / O's and team philosophies. Good stuff !.....................Thanks Coach Vick.