Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Chink in the Armor

Just when we were starting to think that Calvin Johnson was bullet-proof with unbelievably glowing stories like this one today from ESPN, we find out that he is in fact human. Evidently ProFootballWeekly is reporting that Calvin Johnson, Clemson's Gaines Adams and Louisville DT Amobi Okoye admitted to NFL officials that they have smoked the whacky weed.

So how should I take all this? First, we cannot draw conclusions based on a report like this. First, we must hold at least level of skepticism as to its source and facts. Second, it doesn't put the story into a context - when did CJ say he did it? Was it one time? Was he forced at gunpoint? Was he a 3-pack a day guy? Hard to make a judgement without knowing any of those details.

There will the inevitable side of the argument that goes like this - I'm sorry, name me someone in the NFL who DOESN'T smoke the Mary Jane. Are we taking this seriously? There will even be people that think this really raises CJ's "street cred". Nothing like the best player in the draft that knows a little about "Ridin' Dirty". Is it possible that CJ is more like Terrell Owens than we believed? Does he have a secret life of pot smoking, dog-kicking and leaving the toilet seat up?

So here's my take - if it's true, I'm disappointed. But true impressions have to be based on the facts. If it was a short period in his life and it's over, then so be it. People make mistakes. Lord knows I have made my fair share.

No matter what the facts though - the situation is just generally disappointing.