Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Football - Marius to Leave School

In a blow to the Jacket secondary, Laurence Marius has left the team, the school, has given up football and returned home to FL. Here is the AJC link. If the story is correct - that depression and resulting weight loss are an issue - then we certainly have to wish the best for the young man. He was certainly one of the top recruits in last year's class and there were high hopes for his contribution this year and in the future.

The secondary is probably our #1 concern and this doesn't help, but there should be enough competition to fill the gaps. However, it is likely that one or more of the freshmen is likely to get in the 2-deep in the fall.

Heck, maybe "Poppy" will have a change of heart after some time off. All the best young man. Get your heart and head right, but hang in there.