Monday, April 09, 2007

What's Buzzin'

Some quick hits from the world of GT


  • Coach Cremins was like a kid at a candy store in ATL during the final four. He attended a dinner honoring his final four team from 1990. That ceremony also honored Tech's 2004 team as well............ He also had dinner with Coach Hewitt............... Got to relive old times with guys like Dennis Scott, Kenny Anderson and Mark Price.............. Also, by one account. Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim asked Coach Cremins if the Orangemen could come down and play CofC on the road next season. No word on his response.
  • Gani Lawal was awarded the Naismith Award for Sportsmanship at the McDonalds All-American game - given to one guy and one gal. Way to go..................Lawal was named 2nd team Parade All-American.......................Gani was also named the Gatorade GA player of the year.................Gani also had an outstanding outing at his 2nd All-Star game - the Roundball Classic - where he scored 16, (6-11 FG, 4-5 FT), 8 rbs, 5 blocks, 1 steal, 0 assists and 0 TO in 24 minutes
  • Maurice Miller was also named the Gatorade POY in Tenn. That means GT has signed the Gatorade POY in both GA and TN for the 2nd year in a row (TY / JC last season).
  • We all know OUTKAST, or Andre 3000, is a big fan of Georgia Tech. Did you know that Ludacris has a favorite hoops team? That would be Georgia Tech as well. Welcome to Atlanta, where the players play.............
  • Congrats to Chris Bosh, who has become the defacto leader on the Toronto Raptors and has led his team to a playoff birth. Way to go CB.
  • Not that you care about a guy who had accepted a scholarship and never played, but he's an update on Austin Jackson as he attempts to fullfill his dream as a NY Yankee. He's been demoted to work on his game.
  • Great story from GTAMU at the Hive involving Jarrett Jack / Luke Schenscher -
    My son and I attended the Portland Vs. Houston game in Houston on Friday night. I upgraded our tickets to get seats on the floor behind the Portland bench. My son (9 years old) is wearing his Jarrett Jack GT jersey just in case we catch Jarrett's eye. During a time out, when Jarrett was not playing, we finally get his attention, he sees the jersey, he gives my son a big smile and a thumbs up! My son was very excited and thought that was coolest thing ever. Later, Jarrett looks back and asks if he wants an autograph after the game. Of course he did!

    We wait about 15-20 minutes after the game with some of Jarrett's extended family (very nice people also). First Luke comes out sees the jersey, talks to my son, autographs 1 of our 2 game tickets, and poses for a picture. Jarrett comes out a little later, skips his family, goes right up to my son and starts talking to him about the jersey, GT, the Final Four, etc. Jarrett signs the jersey and the other ticket and the poses for a picture. He even asked if the picture was okay before moving on to his family.

    I am so glad that CPH brings in high character guys to the program. They helped my son have an experience that he will never forget.
  • The spring game went extremely well for the offense, with Taylor Bennett throwing 5 TD's and no INT's. Heck, half the passes he completed were TD's. Major kudos for John Bond's offense. Here's a quote from John Bond - "We're spreading the ball around pretty decent. We're hitting all areas of the field. We've got good running backs. We've got experienced linemen. If our quarterbacks perform at a high enough level I think we're going to be pretty salty on offense."..... Wow. Spreading the ball around. Hitting all areas of the field. What a concept.
  • On a side note, Miami's spring game went horribly for the offense, with a final 7-0 game. However, former GT OC Patrick Nix qas quoted as saying that he only unvieled 0.5% of his playbook. Wow, guess he picked the wrong 0.5%.............. You know, maybe 0.7% of the playbook might have been in order. Hey, I wish nothing but the best for him except when he faces the Jackets, but are you like me? I just can't help but think that the Jackets got the better end of the OC deal. Remember that Bond interviewed for the Miami job as well.
  • Daryl Richard was named to the Lott Trophy Watch List....... "Named after Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott, The Lott Trophy is awarded to college football's Defensive IMPACT Player of the Year. Now in its fourth year, The Lott Trophy is the first college football award to equally recognize athletic performance and the personal character attributes of the player."
  • Some word that Notre Dame could be switching from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4. The last team Tech played that used a 3-4 was UVA. That went pretty well for the Jackets.
  • Calvin Johnson's hand measure 9 3/4" across. Evidently Tedd Ginn's are larger. Well, whoop'd D............
  • Tashard Choice is getting props as a potential Hiesman candidate and one of the nation's better RB's.
  • Former GT RB Carl Lawson, from the 1990 team, needs some help. He needs a kidney transplant
  • Rumors circulating that Mich RB Carlos Brown is interested in transferring and GT and SC are 2 schools that could be a final destination. Tashard the re-run? We should hope so.
  • Some stuff on players signing early - one - and two.
  • For those conspiracy theorists about the AJC, did you notice that GT's spring game article was a positive picture about the offense scoring 10 out of 10 times? Did you notice that UGAg's spring game article was about how terrible the defense played by giving up 5 TD's? Folks face it - the stink fairly equally................. Actually, I'm being harsh. The AJC has dramatically improved their coverage of the Jackets in the past 1-2 years. Matt W. has been a positive addition to the beat.
  • Wes Hodges struggled last season with injuries in the minors. However, he's the 9th best rated prospect in the Cleveland Indians organization from Baseball America.
  • The Jackets won the Friday opener against Miami, but dropped two heartbreakers with walk-off winners by the 'Canes on Sat and Sun.
  • Former Jakcet the Tulane player Micah Owings made his major league debut and helped the Diamondbacks win 7-1, giving up only 1 hit in 5 innings. It was a strong performance for sure, as he keeps the bench warm until Randy Johnson comes back.............. but he sure is trying to make a case to stay.

  • Matt Kuchar lost a bet and had to "wear" a UNLV head cover on his latest tour stop. He lost the bet to fellow Nationwide Tour player Jeremy Anderson. The two went to high school together in Sanford FL.