Monday, February 19, 2007

Where are they now - Will Bynum

Well, our boy Will "The Thrill" Bynum is going through some frustrations in Europe. Read about it here. Funny, when he was at Tech he had to bide his time. Remember the frustrations he went through with Coach Hewitt? Remember Coach telling him it would pay off and he would be the go-to guy if he just listened? Well, Hewitt's prognostications turned out to be oh so true as he hit game-winning shot after game-winning shot on our improbable run to the National Championship game in 2004.

Sounds like he's not getting the same "arm around his shoulder" treatment from his current coach. It also sounds like he's become a bit of an outcast with teammates and the media.

Maccabi Tel Aviv's Will Bynum has had enough. The guard may have hit 20
points including five triples Sunday night against Ashkelon, but he has come
under fire this season from the press and from his team. Like his critics, he
knows that what really matters at Maccabi is the Euroleague, where the team lost
its opening Top 16 game at home to Tau Vitoria last week, a game Bynum ended
with 0 points in 18 minutes on the court. "I have nothing to prove to anyone,
but I do need more time on the court," Bynum said yesterday as the team prepared
for Thursday's Top 16 match day 2 game at Lotomattica Roma.

"In good teams, good players get to play. In my case that isn't happening
and I have no idea what the reason is."

Well, there's one thing that Will has never lacked - confidence. Here's a guy who's been told all his life he's too small.

"You can ask all the players and coaches. I'm sure they know my real
ability. Maybe some players [at Maccabi] have lost their confidence, but mine
has never been affected. "I'm not pressured by the importance of a game or by
the number of fans in the stands; I have already played in front of 50,000

Will - stay strong. Do what you can do when they give you the chance. Keep fighting the good fight................. Jacket for life..................