Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What's Buzzin'

Evidently the recruits, their families and Tech fans had a blast at their signing day celebration. In attendance were K.Jackson, Nick Claytor, Roddy Jones, J.Dwyer, J.Gilbert, T.Melton, Logan Walls, J.Tarrant, Albert Rocker, Josh Nesbitt, as well as preferred walk-on RB Clyburn, a TALL WR.................... Claytor and Dwyer were interviewed by ESPNU............... For some weird NCAA rule reason, Threet and Morgan were not allowed to attend. The NCAA is just broken................ Also, it appears that Nick Claytor's mom got stuck with the bill and some party-crashers drank and ate for free - maybe even Tech supporters. She's not happy. Sounds like an NCAA investigation waiting to happen right - I did say the NCAA was broken..........

Meanwhile, other Tech fans celebrated with coaches, watched film clips of recruits, and monitored the faxes of LOI's coming in. The coaches each talked about the players they recruited specifically. Coach Gailey said some brief words about the class, their character and the fact that the NFL saga didn't cause them to waiver because it was GT as much as anything that they were committed to - they are truly Tech men............. Gailey mentioned that Nesbitt was the type of kid that was just so talented that you had to find a way to get him on the field - and even mentioned Florida's use of Tim Tebow.......... Gailey said that the recruiting efforts were a true team effort by the staff - not a one-man show............... Said the QB job will have to be won away from Taylor Bennett......... Reminded people that last year's senior class - the one that took this team to the ACCCG, was rated #50 in the country. So much for rankings right?........... Gailey also mentioned that in an ideal world all the freshman would redshirt.

Well, the signing day coup of the ACC was Butch Davis, as he pulled in some serious talent on signing day, including the top DL in the nation by one site. He took another commit from Notre Dame, and by at least one service has the #1 class in the ACC. Well, we know he'll be a force in recruiting. Can he do it on the field as well?.................... It's probably fair to characterize the rankings as follows:

TOP classes - GT, UNC, Miami, Clemson, FSU
MID classes - VT, UVA, MD, UVA
LOW classes - BC, NCST, Duke, WF

Tech finishes in the top 3 ACC classes by all the ranking services, and top 20 by all services (14-19 mostly). Honestly, from about #8 to #20 it's pretty much a toss up in terms of talent. What becomes important is filling needs and developing that talent.

Well, Coach said that we would hire a new OC after signing day. It is now come and gone, so this should be the next interesting piece of news to be on the lookout for. There are still rumors out there about guys like Larry Coker and Dan Reeves, both of whom we've mentioned as candidates from the start. Look for a decision to be announced within the next week and there's a pretty strong likelihood that person comes from outside the program.

Don't know if this will work for you - but hear Coach Gailey talk about the recruiting class - link here

Well, Cedric Everson ends up at Iowa. Wow, considering he never visited there, that's quite a stretch (wink wink, nudge, nudge). Believe me, we're better off, even if Papa Everson was the root of all the confusion. I wish him all the best.