Friday, February 16, 2007


Dan Radakovich that is........... Evidently the outgoing AD at LSU still thinks so and has now publicly endorsed D-Rad to take his place when he retires in 2008. So yet another drama unfolds for Tech fans, who certainly hate stability and continuity ........................ yeah right.

"Dan Radakovich is excellent," Bertman said after a reporter brought up Radakovich's name. "Can't miss at Georgia Tech or anywhere else. He's terrific. People like Radakovich would be excellent."

Well, here we go again. That's what happens when you hire talented people........... other people want them too. Having said that, a good number of schools took a pass on giving D-Rad his first AD job............. Georgia Tech was the one to take a chance on him. Will that count for something?

I think Tech fans to a VERY large degree have embraced and accepted that he's the right guy for us............ but are we the right school for him? What he's doing with the ticket program is not popular with a portion of the fanbase, but then what is popular when you are tasked with pulling a budget out of negative territory? He's doing the hard things he was tasked to do.

Evidently D-Rad had no comment for the media when asked. Maybe he should take a page out of the "Chan Gailey" handbook and at least let us know what's going on. On second thought, why would someone do that? He's not trying to keep any recruits from defecting. He can just continue to play his cards - and the fact is when the "search committee" comes-a-calling, D-Rad will take that call. Will he leave? Will he finish what he started? Who the heck knows. My guess is that he'd have a hard time passing up beeing wooed back by his old boss Skip................