Sunday, November 19, 2006

Quote of the Day

From Joe Anaoi, when thinking about his last home game ever:

On playing your last game at Georgia Tech:
"I started thinking about it a little bit more after I was done playing. I was sitting on the sidelines looking up in the stands and thinking to myself that it's a very unique feeling to be a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket because our fans are a class act. We don't have fans like most other state schools. They support us. They care about us and they don't down us when things go wrong. They really support us. It was good to go out like this for them."

Huuhhh, I guess Joe never heard of Al Gore's "Interweb". Anyhoww, a very nice thing to say. Congrats to all the seniors on their last home game. You've made us proud for 4 years. Way to go !!!!!!!