Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hoops Exhibition Game - In-Game Notes

Some comments about the hoops exhibition game against Morehouse today:


  1. Starters - J.Crittenton, T.Young, L.Clinch, J.Smith, Z.Peacock........... strange starting line-up. A-Morrow was out with his ailing back.
  2. First three minutes settled for a lot of 3-point shots - were 1/5 early. Oh yeah - 4 of those shots from between JC / TY - the frosh
  3. No turnovers in the first 4+ minutes
  4. No "Hotel Hewitt" the 1st 4+ minutes - same 5 starters
  5. Ra'Sean Dickey in with a little over 4 minutes played. Also Rio,
  6. Jeremis Smith monster breakaway dunk for a 3 point play
  7. Faye comes in to the game. The earth does not stand still
  8. Javaris Crittenton having a nice game early - 3/4, 8 pts, 2 assists, 2 steals before he comes out for a breather
  9. Gametracker stinks - frozen - which is typical - at least the wrek feed if fairly stable
  10. Tech's first turnover didn't happen until well into the 1st half
  11. 24-16 Jackets
  12. UGAg loses to Kentucky in football today. It's almost going to be sad whooping them this year...................... nahhh
  13. Did you know that Steven Blackwood is charting rebounds for the hoops team? What's the deal there? Something about a new NCAA rule.
  14. 29-18 with 6:52 to go in the 1st half
  15. Jackets only 5-10 from the charity stripe
  16. JC continues to look strong - another steal. Over the 10 point mark
  17. Gametracker still out.................. ahhh back on
  18. Young / JC combined for 21 points (6-10), 5 boards, 6 assists, 3 steals, 2 to's
  19. 39-18 Jackets with 4:58 left in the 1st half
  20. Faye 1-1, 4 pts, 1-1 FT, 1 steal, perfect stat line of course
  21. Jackets up 41-20, but getting a bit sloppy on the glass. Actually getting out-rebounded 16-11. Not so good........... Oh, and JC leads the team with 3
  22. 11 steals so far and 7 turnovers with 3:12 to go.
  23. Brad Sheehan makes his debut with a minute in the half remaining

  1. Tech leads 49-23
  2. Coach Hewitt doing a lot of personal coaching. Obviously not overly concerned with the score.
  3. The good - the frosh - J.Crittenton / T.Young looked good in the first half.
  4. The not-so-good - free throw shooting & rebounding. Dickey is the invisible man, with 0 points and 1 board.
  5. Morehouse has turned the ball over 20 times in the first half - 27 points for the Jackets on turnovers.
  6. Lewis Clinch had a nice half with 12 points


  1. 67-28 4 minutes into the 2nd half
  2. Thaddeus Young w/16 pts, 3 boards, 1 block, 4 assists, 2 steals, 1 to
  3. Javaris Crittenton w/13 pts, 4 boards, 7 assists, 3 steals, 2 to's
  4. Clinch 14 pts, 2 boards, 1 steal
  5. Catching up on the boards - about even on the glass now
  6. Ra'Sean Dickey comes to life at the 10:00 mark with a couple of strong moves, resulting in his only 5 points of the game


Jackets win 96-52, as expected. Of course this is one of those games that really doesn't tell you a whole lot about your team. Here are the stat lines:

As expected, Thaddeus Young and Javaris Crittenton led the way with strong efforts. You see the stat lines above. Javaris certainly led a more aggressive attack and Thaddeus Young played all over the court. Defensively, having Thaddeus Young, JC and M.Faye in the game at the same time was sure tough defensively. These guys were aggressive and have such long arms. Zach Peacock also got a lot of minutes, but without seeing the game, it's hard to know how he really fared.

GT shot a hot 63% while holding Morehouse to 33% shooting. Tech had 17 steals which is great. If you can say there is a concern at all out of this game it would probably be rebounding. The team was outrebounded 35-34. Jeremis Smith led the way in limited minutes but Ra'Sean Dickey was the invisible man today. Also the team had 18 turnovers, although many of them were late in the game.

At the end of the day, this was an out-manned opponent, so there's not a lot to get out of it. I'm sure fans enjoyed the show, particularly getting a glimpse of the new blood - and TY, JC and MF are the real deals.

As always with Paul Hewitt teams, minutes are free and shared in pre-season and it doesn't take long for them to tighten up when the season starts. So who we see their minutes dry up? Time will tell. Remember that A-Mo didn't play today. My take is that Brad Sheehan continues to be a strong candidate for redshirt. Paco Diaw is probably going to see limited action and I think the question marks for roles will be Alade Aminu, Zach Peacock and DeAndre Bell. Mario West, team leader and the lone senior will get his minutes, but probably not much more than 15 per game.

If you were at the game, drop a comment on this post and give us your thoughts.