Thursday, November 02, 2006

Football - A Bad Rap In Nut Bowl

I guess now we know what the tech teammates were doing when they should have been preparing for the Emerald Nut Bowl last fall - recording a hip-hop single. It turns out the group recorded a single after the game and I was able to get an exclusive on the "rap sheet" - or lyrics as some call them:

We came huffing and puffing to the Emerald Bowl
But we were nuts thinking we were sold
out because we wanted to ball with the best
and we were sick of going way out west
So we whined and complained and focused on fame
and the fans did too, but they didn't play the game
So our minds were rusty, unfocused and dusted
We showed up that night and got flat busted
We can blame the jet lag, refs and cleats
But our play was uninspired, an embarrassing feat

Something happened that night, some dreams died
But others were born and we hustled for pride
In the months that came, alone and like laser beams
We worked hard and focused in on our dreams
With nobody watching we hustled, sweat and bled
For the big prize that lay ahead

(I recently found an updated version from this week with the following addition)

So here we are with the season gettin old
The prize within reach, you can almost taste the gold
But do we eat the hype that comes from rags
That this thing is over, already in the bag
Not just yet, finishing strong is left to do
Not like last year, oh last year, in Nut Bowl U

Let's start with the Pack, declaw and defang
Then the Heels, stomp'em, bury'em, their bodies maimed
Then Duke, oh Duke, it'll be their turn
The ROOF will be on fire, let that mother burn
Three and O against the Carolina trio, a sweet finale
Haven't done that in 3 years, but a must to avoid Cali
Then on to Jax to claim the prize
To cash in the tears, sweat, blood and pride
Then the BCS awaits if we keep the focus
Like week 1 through 13, when we were toasted

I think there was more but that's all I could get hold of. Seriously, here's a little of that motivation. Check out this highlight reel, which includes video football of Calvin Johnson's 45" vertical leap. This video is all about the work that it takes to get to where we are right now. But there is much work left to be done. Keep your eye on the prize.