Thursday, November 02, 2006

Football - Is Jon Tenuta in the running?

FYI - a Michigan State poll I found online with voting on who would be the next head coach.

Who would you pick as a new Spartan coach?

Steve Mariucci (Cal, 49ers, Lions) (59)16.57%
Butch Davis (Miami-FL, Browns) (110)30.90%
Gary Pinkel (Missouri, Toledo) (3)0.84%
Jon Tunata (Ga Tech D-Coord) (22)6.18%
Brian Kelly (CMU, GVSU) (55)15.45%
Ty Willingham (Stanford, ND, Wash) (78)21.91%
Pat Shurmur (MSU, Eagles) (29)8.15%

356 Total Votes