Monday, November 06, 2006

Football - Nice Player Mention

Saw this mention about GT player Dominique Reese:

RJ: How does their offensive line measure up to your defensive front? Before the season it was thought Auburn's offensive line was on the smallish side, but they have been doing a good job of allowing Hester time to throw.

CSM: I don't know. They are about the size of Enterprise. Their line wasn't real big. Prattville is the biggest line we've played. This line is not tremendous, but they are very quick. They are well coached. Tim (coach Carter) does a great job with their offense. I think the game will be won or lost on the line.

You know with what happened to us last year, we've got to come out and play a lot harder. We didn't score a point in the game last year. Our offense did not score a point, and they beat us for the first time in 11 years. They beat us at our place, and it was not a whole lot of fun Becky. We played against a great quarterback in Dominique Reese (Georgia Tech). He is as good a football player as I have ever seen. He was tremendous that night, and they deserved to win.