Friday, September 01, 2006

Where are they now - Bill Lewis

Well, Bill Lewis wants to 100% avoid any discussion of his short tenure at the head coach at Georgia Tech. As you probably know, he makes his return to the flats as an assistant coach with Notre Dame.

Lewis didn’t want to discuss it Wednesday. He didn’t want to talk about his tenure at Georgia Tech, a sour point in the university’s history and one he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution last week was “easily the most disappointing period of my career, because I felt the Tech people were so good to me. It was a dream job, and I let them down.”

Lewis went 11-19 in his time at Georgia Tech, the worst winning percentage for a coach in the school’s history.

I had the pleasure of enjoying the Bobby Ross years, but I also had a taste of the Bill Lewis years. By all accounts. Lewis was an extremely nice person - but he never got buy-in from the players when he came in. They just never "accepted" him. I'm sure there were many reasons.

Just another subplot to Saturday's game.