Saturday, September 30, 2006

Game Log

Since I have time, thought I would give you some game updates


Jackets strike quick with a huge pass down the middle on the first play of the game to James Johnson, setting up a few more plays and a TD on a fade to who else - Calvin Johnson. After replay review, the refs confirmed that CJ is the Truth. 7-0 Jackets

Jackets stop the Hokies on their first drive, force a terrible punt, and WHAMMO!!!!! 3rd down, Reggie rolls right, dumps to the Truth and he does the rest - TD. 14-0 Jackets baby!!!! Wow

Jackets stop the Hokies THEN BLOCK THE PUNT. And who blocks it? Troy Garside - A KICKER!!!!! Who's playing BeamerBall now??????????

Jackets work efficiently and get in into the endzone on a Tashard Choice carry. I have to say, the O-Line is blocking brilliantly. I am shell-shocked........... but it keep it coming....... 3-3 in the redzone with 3 TD's. That's what I'm talking about.

Oh, but there's a lot of ball left to play

VaTech is 2nd in the nation in scoring defense, only giving up 5.8 points / game. GT has scored 21 in the 1st quarter.

Hokies strike back on the back of a great catch by a Hokie WR who took the ball away from JW Daniels. The Brandon Ore made a great run to the endzone. Jackets 21-7............ and that's the end of the 1st quarter. Take a breath please.


Well, things have slowed down a bit, then worst of worst, Reggie Ball throws in INT that leads to a Hokie FG........... 21-10 GT......

Another Reggie Ball INT that leads to a VT FG.............. 21-13

The Jackets go down the field and almost score a TD, but settle for a FG and now lead 24-13........... It's halftime folks............. Whew....


- The Jackets have 255 yards of offense on only 29 plays. Wow.
- only Calvin Johnson and James Johnson have caught passes (CJ 5, JJ 1). We need to "spread" the ball around. Calvin already has 100 yards receiving at the half
- Q1 Reggie - awesome 2 TD's.............. Q2 Reggie - not so good - 2 INT's.
- Tashard Choice is averaging 5.8 yards/carry. Get him the ball some more.
- kickers's blocking kicks. That's not something you see everyday.
- Neither team has sustained a drive longer that 4:19 long. That's fine as long as the Jackets are striking quick. Otherwise not so good.

Hokies have the ball the start the half, move it well, but then WHAM!!!! Philip Wheeler with a crushing sack that Gary Guyton picks up and runs back for a TD........ 31-13.........

Hokies 2nd possesion, K-Mike gets the sack, the tomahawk chop and ANOTHER fumble, this time recovered by Adamm Oliver. GT on the move.....

MVP of the game so far for the Jackets? CJ? Wheeler? Guyton? Ball? Nope. How about Durant Brooks. Just had his 2nd consecutive punt backing up VT inside the 5 yard line. He da man.

The bad side of that is that the Jacket's last 2 drives are:
3 plays, -13 yards
3 plays, -7 yards
Come on guys, the defense can't do everything in the 2nd half

Alright, Tashard Choice eats up yardage and takes the Jackets down the field and finishes things off with a TD run and luckily picking up his own fumble into the endzone. Still counts as 6 points.................. 38-13 Jackets....

By the way, I heard a stat the other day. When a team scores a defensive touchdown, they win around 80% of the time. That's a pretty good stat.

Hokies do score a TD, but it takes them an awful long time to do it. They need some Beamer magic to come back from this one.

Tashard Choice over 100 yards for the day. He and Grant help run the clock down. Great punting by Brooks continues. Still 5 minutes left.

IT'S OVER FOLKS. Jackets win 38-27. The ref's tried their best to give the game to VT, but just couldn't do it.

What a great win. What a statement. Wow. How about that!!!!!!!