Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Football Recruiting - Steven Threet

Some recent stuff on QB recruit Steven Threet

Article #1

Entering Friday's Southeastern Conference showdown at Chelsea (3-0), Adrian (3-0) had won its games by an average of 25 points. Quarterback Steve Threet , who committed to Georgia Tech, hasn't been asked to make the big play under pressure or throw many passes. Threet is averaging only 17 passes a game, but his touchdown-to-turnover ratio (7-1) has been more than satisfactory. The Maples, coached by Phil Jacobs , are averaging 400 yards.

Article #2:

4 ADRIAN (3-0) AT CHELSEA (3-0), 7 TODAY. Neither team has been tested in the first three games, which makes this an even bigger game for both. Chelsea has to find a way to control Georgia Tech-bound QB Steven Threet. SOS would suggest eight defensive backs, but then Jarrod Knorr, if he is back this week, or Undra Peterson would have a field day carrying the ball. Chelsea QB Jon Seelbach needs to hook up with Nate Schwarze a few hundred times to keep the Bulldogs close. Adrienne Pertakis 24, Chelsea Morning 20.

Article #3:

With the somewhat depleted backfield, senior quarterback Steven Threet stepped up big and completed 8 of 15 attempts for 222 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

“Our quarterback was much more accurate tonight and he made some great decisions,” Jacobs said of his 6-foot-4 future Georgia Tech player. “We executed pretty well tonight and our run game has improved, also. Our offense put it together tonight.”

Threet powers Adrian past Huron 37-6

The Maples (1-0) jumped out to a 30-0 lead after a 37-yard touchdown pass from Steven Threet. The Georgia Tech recruit would go on to complete seven of 17 passes for 82 yards.

"Steven Threet is one of the better quarterbacks I've seen in person,'' Huron coach Joel Przygodski said.

Sporting News Recruiting

Georgia Tech also did well this year, earning a commitment from Michigan quarterback Steven Threet. Threet doesn't have the mobility of Ball, but that can't be expected at 6-6 and 225 pounds. He has a strong arm and excellent accuracy and is physically ready to challenge early.