Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rivals.com Bumps up Recruits

FYI - Rivals.com recently bumped up 2 of Georgia Tech's verbally committed recruits - DL Logan Walls, and QB Steven Threet, from 3-stars to 4-stars. Let the star crowd rejoice.

Scout.com has the Jackets with 9 4-star, 3 3-star, 2 2-star and 1 unranked.
Rivals.com has us with 6 4-star, 7 3-star and 2 2-star

Just so you know my take on stars. Stars are percentage guesses as to the success of an individual player at the collegiate level. So I see the 5-star guys as having the best chance at success, although it is far from 100%. It's probably more like 50-60% for them to be a "standout" player.............. The 4-star guys are probably more like 30-40% chance of standout collegiate performance. Below 4 star, my opinion is that the percentages are whacky. Why? Because Scout.com and Rivals.com don't have the time to do "real" evaluations on all those players. The 5 and 4 star guys are evaluated ad-nauseum by everyone. Their talent is fairly clear. While that doesn't mean they will succeed, it does mean predicting success is easier. When Scout or Rivals says a guy is 2 or 3 star, all bets are off in my opinion. In many cases they're making that call based on a couple of film clips and just physical measurables.

So what do all the 4-star guys committed to GT mean? For me, it's a future knockout blow, because we're all seeing stars now. Talent is talent. Our coaches have proven they can develop talent as close to it's max potential than anyone. So give them kids with a higher ceiling and life should get real interesting in the next few years........... "good" interesting, if you get my drift.